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How to Scan Files in PDF from Your Cannon IR 2830

Hope You Must have read about how to connect your Cannon IR 2830 with a Computer now we are going to show you how to scan your documents in PDF using your Cannon IR 2830 Photocopy Machine.

Earlier I have also informed about getting the images using Microsoft Clip Organizer which you can import in your Microsoft Office Word Documents using Insert Clip and than you can easily Save them As PDF in MS Word 2007 and later versions.
But It takes lots of work like arranging Your Images in serial and then setting the margins….and so on…
Today I am going to give you a link of a tiny but small and also f-r-e-e software which can be used to solve all your PDF Problems. The PDFIll PDF Tools
Cannon IR 2830 PDF Scan
Its a very easy and use full software…You can download from…  within seconds.
When you need to create PDF from Your Cannon IR 2830 Photocopy Machine Just click on 14. Scan into Image or PDF.

How to Connect Cannon IR 2830 to Computer and Scan and Print Documents

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If you are having a Cannon IR series Photocopier than you can easily make it a network printer as well as scanner , here are the simple steps to connect your Cannon IR 2830 to Print.

Step-1 Connect Your Photocopier to Your Network Switch through lan cable, You can get the network switch on beck or left site of your photocopier

Step-2 Put IP Details in Your Photocopier so that Your computer and Photocopier can contact with each other

Now See the Small Icon Like ? On your Photocopier Key Pad and push it than you will see a settings window than click Network Settings where You will find a box to fill IP setting , put all the details like IP, DNS etc here

(Make IP Address like or something so that you can remember easily

Step-3 Download & Run UFR-II Driver from Cannon Click Here to go to Cannon Download Page

Step-4 Get the Print of Your Documents
Steps to Use your Cannon IR 2830 As Scanner

Cannon IR 2830 is not very good in Scanning It means you can not make all this automatically, you have to get the help of a computer which is situated nearby the company, also you will be required a smart software also.
Step-1 Download & Run Network Scan gear Tool & Driver from below link.
Click and follow the instructions to download and than run

Step-2 Get Your Photocopier find by the network scan gear tool through IP address you have entered in your Machine.

Step-3 If you can see your Photocopier in above window you are mostly done and now ready to scan the documents from your Cannon IR 2830

Now go to your machine and online scanner from System Tab
Put your documents on Feeder Come back to your System and Start M.S. Word  Click on Insert Tab and Clip Art

Click Organize Clips in Left Hand Bottom

You will get a Window Like below

Now Click File---Add clips to Organizer--From Scanner Or Camera 

If you have done all the Steps correctly you will get a window like this. 

Now Click on Custom Insert and You Will Dialogue where you can click on scan button and will get your documents on your computer in TIF like formats from where you can copy and paste it to your word document

Smart Tips :- You May want to get your documents in PDF files so that you can email or share them easily here is a small software that can solve this issue Click here..

Hope This article is helpful for you , If yes than please share it.

You can also download a free and useful pdf software PDFill, this will make your office work much easy