Best of Simple Office Ideas 2015

Simple Office Ideas - 2015 - Ideas to make your work life easier.

Finally the year has completed and has given me lots of things to learn for the coming year

This Year I have come to know some of the best formulas to make my office life much easier including some of the them are also helpful for personal & social development.
This blog was founded by me in year 2013 and still growing...we just have to plant the seed for success and after that our regular care makes them big trees...with lots of sweet fruits...

Here is the review of Year 2015

The first Article I would like to add here is "Have You not read these Most Amazing Life Transforming Self Help books in world"

This is one of my favorite articles from last year I have created since it is not only a ready reference for best of the books but also have given me so much things to learn...books are best friend and can save our years of hard work..

A Habit of reading few pages of any great book is the best habit anyone can adopt for professional as well as personal success in life and when I started reading such books I thought creating a list of that will be great for readers of this blog also...Hope you must have gone through the List of Most Amazing Life Transforming Self Help books if not just click and read... and not just read but try to get their advise in to your life.

How to Improve Your English Speaking and Fluency and Become Successful Professional

Tips to improve your Spoken English and speaking fluency

If you can’t speak in English you will always be in a last row of your office and if you don’t try to speak you may always be in last row in your life…so learning the things that can change our life, your earnings are most important…every successful person will tell you to first invest in yourself, because only you can return it in triplicate or quadruplicate to yourself.

Speaking in English is Great Confidence Builder and If you can speak with fluency than Its Great Skill for your Professional Life as well as Personal Life..

How to create Multiple Mailing Labels Per Page in Word Without Using the Mail Merge Wizard.

Hi, Friends, Again a Simple Office Idea…to Work Small and Do It smartly.
I just wanted to create  mailing labels one for each recipient but multiple records on each A4 Size Paper so that I can cut them and paste to my envelopes since the Printer was not accepting large envelopes.

Just Like this…..

Here is my data sheet in Excel.

So my first option was to create labels in word mail merge.
I did open my data base in mail merge and started creating the Labels.
But to my surprise I can get only one Label per page ….or more labels on one page with same…data…i.e. one label at once or same label on full page.

Have You not read these Most Amezing Life Transforming Self Help books in world


This is going to be a update series in this article of few of the Best Selling Self Help books in world...Just read one by one .....and see your self..after applying these principals..

"Road for the success can be shown however you have to walk at your own"

Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy:  Brian Tracy is one of my Inspiration...& this book works on the principal of doing your most important but less interesting task at the start of your work day.. We all want best things in our life, A House, great paying job, A holiday with spouse, lots of money, car and no worry to earn money and the key to this is getting more and better results on the tasks we are doing. If the task is important than it has to be done on first priority otherwise we can procrastinate… Some People earns $ 10 per hour and some $100 or more per hour what is the difference this book can teach you,  book teaches how we can stop doing things of lower value and give our complete devotion to MIT (Most Important Tasks) So it’s great to learn how to Eat that Frog..

Click to get the English Version of Eat that Frog

Click to get the Hindi Version of Eat that Frog

7 Habits of Highly Effective Peoples by Stephen R. Covey _ An amazing book by Mr. covey, however it has taken me so many days to completely read and understand this book and still I am finding something new whenever I read this.. !!!!

The Book is No-1 Best seller and has sold more than 10 Million copies and still…being sold… 

The book deals with habits that makes a person successful not only in his outer/professional world but also he feels blessed from inside since having a balance in between his professional and personal life.

When I read the first preface of the book I was watching myself in the same position what he has written…..
“I've started a new diet -- for the fifth time this year. I know I'm overweight, and I really want to change. I read all the new information, I set goals, I get myself all psyched up with a positive mental attitude and tell myself I can do it. But I don't. After a few weeks, I fizzle. I just can't seem to keep a promise I make to myself.” – Stephen R.Covey

FDA MP Online Inclusion of Products in your Drug Manufacturing Licenses

A great initiative by FDA, MP  (Food & Drugs Administration Madhya Pradesh) of Online Inclusion of Formulations in your drug manufacturing licence, online issue of non conviction certificate and food and Sale licenses have been launched..
Now onwards Pharma manufacturers have to apply for the inclusion through FDA MP’s online website only connected through MP Online Portal.
Here is the process..and know how’s
Login…. You must have been received your login id and password (default is manufacture#123) for site
login MP FDA Online

How to Create a Dossier for ASEAN Countries.

ASEAN common dossier is a format for dossier approved for following countries.
  • Brunei
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Laos and Burma
  • Cambodia
I have created a point to point illustration to create and understand the dossier for ASEAN Countries.
First of all Create a nice Looking Cover Page mentioning …ASEAN COMMON TECHNICAL DOSSIER for Products…with Label Claim and your company Name and rest is as below.
----------------------------------You Can Copy from here-------------------------------------
  1. APPLICATION FORM :- Enclose  A Copy of Application from provided by your overseas agent who will submit the dossier to another countries FDA Department.
  2. LETTER OF AUTHORISATION Enclose   as provided by your overseas agent.
  3. CERTIFICATION :- This Part Includes Product License, WHO-COPP and GMP Certificate.
      3.3 For imported products
  • License of pharmaceutical industries/importer/wholesaler(country specific)
  • Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product issued by the competent authority in the country of origin according to the current WHO format.
  • Site master file of manufacturer (unless previously submitted within the last 2 years) (Country specific)  Enclose a copy of your Site Master File if not shared earlier