Who is Printing on My Printer.

I was having a Local Area Network for 10-12 computers with 2-3 Cannon Printers in my Office. Most of the Printers are being shared on LAN to ease printing.
but it has made a problem for me. Peoples are just only giving prints from their computers and not even bother to take the printed papers for if they have given the print…and it was making unwanted junk near the Printer also the loss of stationary
But Solution Very Simple.

A free utility software from papercut….U Can download it from here..http://www.papercut.com/?printlogger
Just installed which will take 4-5 seconds…and now you are ready to see who is printing from your computer.
Just Click on Print Logs.
and you will be able to see all the data datewise and can also see it in Excel Read only CSV file
like this.. which will show you the use name no. of pages prited software used printer name…and lots of thing.

So Like this than download and use it totally F.R.E.E.http://www.papercut.com/?printlogger and if you like this please dont forgot to Signup for Next Article.

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