How to Promote your Blog in India

Once you completed writing a great article…which you feel can blast your traffic and earning from the blog…the second problem is where to…since Quality of your Content+ Marketing these are the two essential things…to make any blog successful.

Lets come to the Basic Structure of your Website to get the rank you want.. …since if this things are not up to the mark you will not be able to get the rank you want…and if get will not profit from it.

Domain or Sub domain Sites like blogger/Word press etc. : No. 1 thing , when I have searched for the same keyword for which the article is written found millions of results…but a specific thing in all of them…most of them I can say a majority of websites are having .com domain. So if you are willing to do it…just get your domain name first…you can use godaddy or bigrock if in india. (Its’s necessary unless untill you know the SEO)

Katchy Headlines or Great Headings…, In my search I have seen the no. 1 bloggers are having greatest and attractive heading lines , whenever I see them I feel like what’s inside it…!!!! Did You get the idea… Let peoples have to think what’s inside your link..and they will definitely click it …….

Great design/Lots of Attractive and upto the mark images :- Again a big benefit of having a great design…is your blog becomes really..attractive and with relative images becomes easy to understand and also seems live. However I have also seen blogs like Zen Habits, , which are in the simplest form but still being appeared always first in the line… why…read the next point..

Great advise:- Content is always king…what is the secret of a simplest blog like Zen Habits always appear in front of google…having millions of monthly visits…, only one reason..the quality of content and whenever you will read this blog you will definitely get something productive and motivational. Same thing…with…simple but you more than the profit you want..

Branding of the owner of blog :- One Image from a Page in my facebook profile..has been liked by thousands of times…, I did the same thing saved that motivational Image and shared on my wall………..yippie..result was zero………… no body likes it :-( Why ???

How that image was getting thousands of like on that page…just because of branding…it was from the page of Robin Sharma (a Great Person to read)……

So before building the blog…build the brand…you cannot make money with your blog…blog is just a tool to sell your brand image with affiliate links......

The Last thing I found on first page blogs was …affiliate education series….. most of them offering a free book to get captured my email Id. And after that some of free but quality advise to get me ready to buy something from their affiliate links and I will do it definitely if I found their advise according to my requirement

So if a blogger is having his own sales funnel…It could make lots of recurring $ on autopilot basis 24x7………………Money is in the List.

Ok Lets come to the content what they have advised me

I can divide their advise in just few parts……

  • Keyword Rich Content.. with images bullets , no typographical errors..etc.
  • Catchy Headlines to get Peoples to click on it.
  • Sharing it with social media the more accounts the more benefits.
  • Sharing it with your Email List Subscribers
  • Blog and Forum Comments with a link to your blog post.
  • Guest Posting on article get quality back link to your post.
  • Creating free blogger/wordpress blogs and linking to your main article.

First Step Creating your blog Post with Google Friendly keyword..

Ok….the best I can tell you to start with Keyword generation tools like …Long Tail Pro.

But if you cannot afford here is the simple strategy you can use to benefit from Google keyword tool.

Assume that I would like to write on my title to promote any blog, post and get it on front of Google.

I have checked following two keywords and found low competition,,…since this is just a trial post, I am not going to concentrate on big traffic..hence the shown traffic is good just to know how to be on first page of Google. If I can rank on first page for such a small search volume through my BlogSpot blog than… anyone can with the suggested route.

I have searched Google for above keywords and found following results..

How to promote a blog results 2560000

How to Promote your blog…Results shown by google 1050000

How to Promote my blog…Results shown by google 1040000

Very nice for a keyword having search volume of 170 and 50 searches per month only Google having more than 10.5 Lac results…….. it means more and more peoples are writing on this topic…but still Google is showing low competition.. ???

Amazing…right..?? so how we can decide whether we have to choose this keyword or…not.

Let Google, we will just post and see where it goes..If you are reading this post than my keyword is correct. Its a simple trick…low search volume and less than 1000 searches per month.

Where to include your Keywords on Article page.

in URL : Include it in your blog post URL but just tagged words…which can easily seen by Google.. I am not going to show you the example since if I am going to use the keyword lots of times..than…google..may block my blogspot blog for spam.. which I don’t want….

First Header : Your First Header Line must be having your keyword …with relative words in between…like How to (keyword) Your (Keyword) and get on top of Google..its a simple procedure i have seen on first page blogs. Again this is your headline..and must be curious thing to click for your visitors.

Article Body : One or two times can be used Within Article depends on the length of article…however I have seen most successful bloggers write long articles… may 2000 or more words…, a few days before I have save an article from a front page blog and it was saved in 73 pages PDF…… and its a no.-1 blog.

Comments : Your Keyword can also be Found 3-4 times in comments. Now its upto you how you are going to get it in your comments section..

Katchy Headlines so that If peoples see than must click..

While searching for best Advice for this post…I have also come to know that the blog headline must be catchy and attractive I mean writing like curious headlines so that peoples want to know how ‘z inside..

How I went from O to Google Front page in just…xxx days

Or …O to 100000 visitors to a simple post in just…

Or ……something like that….

The formula of curiosity always work…if you end your blog post with a curiosity in readers mind he will definitely going to adopt in your email marketing campaign so its great to have …something to share after this article..

“(Simple Formula to make money on web, have a site +traffic ads= Money)”

Sharing it with social media the more accounts the more benefits

Social media can play a great roll in promotion of your blog, even I have seen some of the bloggers are only sharing the things with social media and soon it becomes viral…with lots of sharing and page views..

You can share your blogpost with your friends relatives who are your true readers and they will be doing the same…it could be a lots of sharing….just like recurring deposit..

Photo by Stuart Miles. Image ID: 100178530

Best Ways to Sharing your Blogpost in Social Media.

Facebook/Twitter’s are the best ways to share our blogposts, however these sites are being crated simply for fun and enjoyment so if your blog for the said category social media can play big role in your blog promotion, however you can share other category blogs too…but must have similar audience…or groups to get promoted.

So share your blog post…first time as you publish and repeat it with regular intervals and different text lines in social media… One thing…is always there, having genuine audience who is interested in listening from you, whether it is your email list or social media audience… so the quality point is again main aspect here.

Automatic Sharing Vs. Manual Sharing…which is best…..Automatic Sharing is good to avoid doing similar tasks… all the times… but sometimes make it manual with personal remarks…to give it more professional touch.

You can use any good Automatic Sharing Software .

Sharing it with your Email List Subscribers :- Start Building your list from the first day you start your blog…and than you can use your audience for regular promotion of your blog post as well as affiliate links….. here are two tools must required for Email Capturing…

  1. Lead Pages
  2. Auto Responder Awaber/Any other

Blog and Forum Comments with a link to your blog post…. Learn from the blogger from same niche, appreciate their work and also comment on their blogs …this will not only give you quality back links and can also give..great response from the big bloggers from your niche..and who knows just one promotion from them can give you thousands of quality audience for fr.e.e

Using a Comment Software can save your time..

Guest Posting on article get quality back link to your post……this is just like sharing your article in big news papers…make sure what you are writing is worth of reading…and advertisements will be done by these big networks…without payment…so its again best way to promote..the blog post.

Creating free blogger/word press blogs and linking to your main article. This is the way I have read in a best blog…creating your quality content and linking it with few of the word press/blogger blogs…in genuine way…this is a tricky thing..and you must have to after you make it properly…you can see real growth in your search engine rankings…day by day.

Promoting in your Email signature… put a tiny link at the bottom of your email…since if you have big contact list of friends and family they could easily become your regular readers if the content on site is helpful and quality.

OK let me publish this and lets see the results… and don’t forgot to share your great comments.

Updates. Slowly but constantly the Article has come to the Third Page of Google...

Anyways have fun blogging.. till than and dont forgot to share..

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