What I Wish Everyone Knew About Most Selling Life Transforming Self Help Books


This is going to be a update series in this article of few of the Best Selling Self Help books in world...Just read one by one .....and see your self..after applying these principals..

"Road for the success can be shown however you have to walk at your own"

Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy:  Brian Tracy is one of my Inspiration...& this book works on the principal of doing your most important but less interesting task at the start of your work day.. We all want best things in our life, A House, great paying job, A holiday with spouse, lots of money, car and no worry to earn money and the key to this is getting more and better results on the tasks we are doing. If the task is important than it has to be done on first priority otherwise we can procrastinate… Some People earns $ 10 per hour and some $100 or more per hour what is the difference this book can teach you,  book teaches how we can stop doing things of lower value and give our complete devotion to MIT (Most Important Tasks) So it’s great to learn how to Eat that Frog..

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Peoples by Stephen R. Covey _ An amazing book by Mr. covey, however it has taken me so many days to completely read and understand this book and still I am finding something new whenever I read this.. !!!!

The Book is No-1 Best seller and has sold more than 10 Million copies and still…being sold… 

The book deals with habits that makes a person successful not only in his outer/professional world but also he feels blessed from inside since having a balance in between his professional and personal life.

When I read the first preface of the book I was watching myself in the same position what he has written…..
“I've started a new diet -- for the fifth time this year. I know I'm overweight, and I really want to change. I read all the new information, I set goals, I get myself all psyched up with a positive mental attitude and tell myself I can do it. But I don't. After a few weeks, I fizzle. I just can't seem to keep a promise I make to myself.” – Stephen R.Covey

I still like a story from this book when there was a function at his house and some kids come to play with his daughter, they ask for some toys to play , but the girl hasn't give it to them even after suggesting from his father and mother , they tried each and every thing to convey her but she doesn’t understand..what her parents wants her to do…... (You will find it your own story if you are a father/mother)

Another one when a person was very much tired from behavior from his boss…and Covey has suggested him to talk with him…but he was ready to live with that situation in spite of talking to his boss… and this is the situation with all of us…we can handle any problem but don’t want to communicate it positively with our boss… am i Right :-) You will find so many problems and solutions you will fill like your own in this book.. After reading this book you will definitely be having a new vision to see your family and professional problems.

Anyways Mr. Covey shares his broad experience  how it all has started & can be handled and is the main theme to the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective Peoples & how it all has given us this is great to know and must be read by every professional like you and me… So make this a first priority in your To-Read List.. You can buy its Hindi/English Version from Amazon . (My Affiliate Link)

I wanted to share all the books in one shot but slow and steady wins the race take your time and read the review try to get the book and read it.. Include best principals in your life and come back to this article for next book. (Use my RSS signup for updates)
The Next Book I am going to suggest will help you in 

  • Learning to Speak effectively & will defiantly prepare you for leadership.
  • Your employees will treat you with more respect and love and work honestly for you.
  • You can speak well & can earn well
  • After reading this you will be having lots of fundamental techniques to deal with humans.
  • You will start attracting peoples and they will like you.
  • You will be able to convince them towards what you want them to do.
  • You can also be able to change their thinking without offending them.
  • Some more hidden techniques will help you to become better in your social and family life.
  • Finally you will be having greater self confidence, with communication and leadership skills.
So here is the second must read..

How To Win Friends And Influence People By Dale Carnegie :- A great book to teach you how to communicate with the world and make them on your side .
The Book is No-1 Best seller and has sold more than 15 Million copies and still…being sold…

Dealing with the peoples is biggest problem in any business, it’s just if you can convince them what you want to do than you are a winner you are having lots of orders/tenders & sales. 
This book was created after years of research on the subject. After reading this you will definitely increase the ability to deal with people your friends family and your boss plus customers. 
However reading only once will not be able to get all the benefits you will have read & practice it more than once and so many times.. 
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  Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill : Again a best seller and have been sold more than 70 million copies world wide and still on.

As per Wikipedia : BusinessWeek magazine's Best-Seller List ranked it the sixth best-selling paperback business book 70 years after it was published.[6] Think and Grow Rich is listed in John C. Maxwell's A Lifetime "Must Read" Books List. [7]

So now I don’t have to tell why you should read this book… now lets get what is inside this book.

Writer talks about a secret (Carnegie Secret) which has been passed on to more than  one hundred thousand peoples who have used it for their personal benefit, after using this a person has received an income upward of $75000 p/a , 

so it’s a big deal and I would really like to know that secret..assures about a secret which can change your earning potentials dramatically.

He starts the book with the burning desire to become successful..or rich…and story starts with Barnes desire to work with Mr. Edison, who has taken a freight train since at that time he had no money to pay for the train ticket to meet with Mr. Edison

He presented himself to Mr. Edison and announced he came to go into the business with an inventor.

I like a sentence written in this para “that when a man really DESIRES a thing so deeply that he is willing to stake his entire future on a single turn of the wheel in order to get it, he is sure to win"

But what do  you think Edison has made him associate in first meet..not at all… and what happened next you must have to read in this book…

What you will get after reading this book..

15 Chapters that will teach you personal and professional mastery  by using your desire, faith, auto suggestions , knowledge, imagination with your planning & decision making skills 

Book will also help you to grow your above skills which are most important to be developed in our today’s competitive environment. 

After that you will also learn some of the great skills like subconscious mind, the brain and your sixth sense…so defiantly this book will give you more than…you pay for it…get it and read it thoroughly and have great benefits.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Again a No. 1 Personal Finance Book and Newyork Times Best Seller have sold 26 millions of copies and still selling..

You must be thinking why i am giving how many sold...because...millions of peoples are reading why not we...

Book deals with a rich mentor and a service person.., their thinking, expenses and earnings.....and a son of service person..who wants to know how to earn money.

Book Starts with a boy who wants to know how to earn ....money....his first business was a comic book library...with earning of $ 9 a week....and so on....with the teachings from his rich dad (Mentor).

From the first Chapter book shows how the frustration grows when you work for some one else, & is very beautifully exampled in this book........ and when you read you will find yourself in same position... 

Is hard work is really the key to fortune. ???? it does'nt matter how hard you work for others....if you will do it for yourself...than it works...only.

How service persons earn, pay tax and than use the money to pay bills and finally not having anything for future of their children's education and life settlement,...they think twice before eating out or before going to a holiday.., and a rich person Earns, pay bills, than pays tax...and in finally have lots of money to have a great life.....

How to work less and earn more ....get retire early in life...is the main theme of this book  which is written in very simple and great language...

I have read this book and would like every one who wants to get ahead in financial Freedom should read this book..

How can you mind your own business...with doing your regular job and finally can become financially free this book will teach...you.

One final thought I have learn from this book is to invest in yourself..because you can only make the amount double or triple......

Great reading... get it from Amazon and read it now.

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more in next update of this Article of Must Read Books. (Your comments are most welcome)

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