Are you the Cricketer washing cloths from your Bat

how to find the right job

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Have you remember that job portal add in which peoples were being shown doing the job not build for them…like a cricketer was washing clothes with his bat….A simple point to understand why it is necessary Working for the right person & at right place.

Always make sure you are working for the right person and in right company whether it is a small company or multinational …… Since all your hard work and good working skills can be honored only if you work for right peoples and at right place…

If you are working in a company of which turnover is going down every year , how you can expect a good growth for you as well as for your family since this is the first step of your financial success..

If you are working in a such kind of company you will also be having spare loads of working each and every time, since they are not going to recruit experienced persons due to their own condition and would like to make sure the work must be done within available human resources…only..means good persons will get more work to same remuneration 

Earlier I was thinking…if a company can pay me the amount I want, is a good company… but I was wrong 100%, it doesn’t means if they are paying you well, than the company is also well sophisticated and great to work within……… Don’t Count any organization for the amount they are paying…you must have to consider other factors also.

The next opinion says multinational organizations are well structured with great HR Policies so I have also tried for working in a multinational Pharma company…, 

Since most of the persons who are starting…professional career are having a concept and craze for working in big companies…but they are not aware some of these companies are let the peoples work around the clock for them…without any special incentives even though they won’t call you their own employees… ...

You are working for them but you are not an employee of that multinational company and also will not be eligible for their great remuneration policies and benefits. (Be Aware of HR Frauds)

Finally we can conclude that it doesn’t impact whether you are working in small group or big multinational companies…you must have the satisfaction for working in right person and for right peoples…and if you found it true in your current job than you are on right path of success you don’t have to re-think about change in your job…but if your answer is no than…go and grab a job you deserve…

How much time it takes or how much educational qualification it requires don’t care about that because whenever you will get the dream job this will much more beneficial than your current situation.

“Time has to go anyway it’s up to you how you are using it"

I have read one article of Mr. Brian Tracy in which he has suggested about asking for extra work from your boss whenever you meet with him…, it could be of a great benefit if applied… …

but this rule works only if you are working for right person and at right place…., if you are working in your current organization where the profits are going down day by day, you won’t get any good results while asking for work…however you will have lots of things to do… and can have good knowledge to move further…So still it’s a good practice.. to be applied in your routine working..

What If you are working for right place only… it’s good to work in right company..but if your boss do not motivate you , you are not going to move ahead in your career, same thing applies if your boss is good person, but the company is not progressive, than still the results will remain same as your current organization.

So its up to you how you can find a good organization with right persons for yourself. (Stay signed up with my next post How to find a good job at right place and with right person)

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