How Electronic Diary Can Help and Save Your Time

“Writing a diary or list for your day to day tasks is very good habit even studies shows that the person who have written their goals or ideas are being successful 46% more than the others”

I am also doing this for my day to day task to avoid getting forget important tasks , but the best thing I was making a reference journal for my regular tasks and whenever I need to repeat the task i can easily check my diary for reference….

But there was only one problem, I have to keep records for each and every year and have to save the diary for later use. The data was separated in pages and can not be sorted or filtered according to my requirements…. or at the end of month I can not compare it with my results..

This problem was simply resolved by using an electronic diary i.e. my excel sheet on PC, now i can simply do what ever i am doing with my hand diary but the difference is very big now i can easily group and short my task and get the reference, can now set the reminders using other office applications like outlook etc…and can avoid big problems using my earlier references are to avoid problems which i have found before this…

So isn't it a great Idea…to write a journal regularly and make it electronic…old idea and new technique a great combination for success…

Have u tried something like this !!!! if yes than….please share it with other friends just comment……. i will see and update it to this blog post… 

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