Need a Raise in Salary - ? Tips on how to negotiate salary in india

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Tips to negotiate salary  In India

If you are working on lower side of your job…

follow these simple steps to get a big raise

how to negotiate salary in india
Just now I was reading a big author on how to negotiate your salary and found some very interesting points including 1000 or more comments, which I would like to share with all my friends…
What is the The best time to negotiate your salary is when you are approaching for the job on very first time or when you have a next job in hand.. or you have completed something beneficial for your present employer.
How much you need to ask….Be clear about your expectations and negotiation skills with possible response from your employer to negotiate better.
If you are negotiating while an interview be clear about your expectations, because sometimes big employers are much more interested in low pay than the small organizations.

Every HR person wants to know the number and what you have to do is not to tell the exact nos.When they ask what you expect just share a range ….ie. from your minimum expectation to something great you want , make sure the lower limit must be on top of your comfort level so that if they gets agreed even on lower of the range you must be in profit and if they agreed in more than this…..Yippie…enjoy the growth.
But what if they are not able to give you in your limit….just leave the office…because this is not worth your time….. even if you may settle near to your lower limit this may be a bigger cost to them….and this may cost additional burden with low earnings on you.
If you are doing it with your regular employer…just get prepared for it mentally,  make sure you are ease in talking with your employer.
“Most of the peoples feel little bit shy or afraid while talking about salary issues with their bosses…” 
But be assured that you are working not for a donation., but its your right to give your services on much better prices..
Treat your services as your best product and your boss and your organization as your good customer… so you will have to do a negotiation which is best for both of you.
Make sure you have a good repo with your organization, “peoples only pay for the most important things…”
Just set a suitable time and get prepared with the reasons why they should give you an increase…(better if you have a salary comparison with similar company and for similar job ) make sure it should be on win win basis. I mean they should found you more productive than the raise you are asking for.
What if he ignores……your request of gives you
One More Idea which i have read in a book written by Brian Tracy is to get a bigger raise you need to have more important responsibilities…
Every time when you meet with your boss ask them for some more work and responsibilities than you have in current…and do it with your 125% and give it before the required time frame…and follow the same steps each and every time…
Soon…you will have lots of works and responsibilities as well as lots of authorities as well to perform such tasks…and if you are having lots of authorities…no one can stop you on lower limits…

Go…and get prepared for your first negotiation now…

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