8 Ways to Get the Promotion you Want specially eight.

How to Get A Salary Raise or Promotion in India.(Tips to Increase your Salary)

master your field
Expertise- The No.-1 tool for being successful in any job or business..is your expertise in what you are doing. Read Regularly about your area…make note of them and try to implement those ideas in your day to day activities…join seminars and attend classes,…do whatever is best to make you perfect in your area of work.. this will increase your earnings and knowledge in multiplication of lots of 100’s Read More

Working hard and stay long. If you can work hard and stay long you can have lots of time to do you most important task…make sure you reach at least 10-15 minutes earlier than your office time and stay at least half an hour after. This will give you an extra hour without any interruption to work single mindedly on your most important tasks. Read More

communication with your boss

Communication with your boss- Most of we think our boss is devil and we should not face him or talk him until he required…and this is the reason…your boss will not be aware what problems or work you are doing for mutual benefit. Click here to read more..

(Your communication is key to success you can get any amount any success or anything if you can convince peoples what you want to get)

Important Vs. urgent : Most of we think checking emails or picking up phones are most important task since you have to left everything if your desk phone is ringing…but at last have you got the best results…not at all.. Learn to Prioritize your useful task and work on it with your full commitment..until it gets finished. (How to Deal with Urgent Tasks)

Working for right person :- Is your company making regular progress or every time you are getting excuses that our turnover is going down hence please don't expect any further increase this year…if yes than leave this job…..Read More.

Learn to say No :- If you have one boss…you can say no to others & work very easily but if you have more than one for whom you will work……since everybody’s work is urgent for himself…but for you a bunch of urgent task..

Network.. Your network can become your best source to success :- I have read about an expert who is teaching how to build a network with highly busy peoples who can save your years of hard work to reach on the top…this is just like using a airplane to reach to your goal in place of a two wheeler vehicle.. (Steve Pavlina have also written a big series on this.)

The more responsibility the more benefits. The more responsible you become your power will increase as well as the benefits…..try to increase your work area and soon…you will get more responsibilities and if you complete them successfully soon you will be on top of your working area…Brian Tracy a big example of this…started his carrier from door to door selling on commission base to now a big expert and personality counselor…teaching thousands of peoples how to become successful in any desired area of your life..

I would also like to know can we add something to this list…if yes please share through your valuable comments if you have any idea how to get promotions 

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