How to become Expert in your field and Why..

Why it is important to become expert in your field ??
Have you ever seen your boss or any senior person in your field why they are on top of the profession…most of the peoples will say he is from last so many years in this job and that is why he is getting regular promotions and hence reach to the top…… :-)
Am I right …..not at all, he is on the top due to his knowledge about the field and you know your network is also a part of your expertise.
Researches have shown that the more you become expert in your field the more money and power you can attract also this will make your work hour less than other regular peoples who are wasting most of time in search of how to do any task..
If you are new to any carrier you will earn less than any other person but as soon as you get more knowledge and experience you will start making more money.,
a story of Brian Tracy I would like to share with you. When he has started working for a company, had allotted a small chair at a corner of a room…with no assistants or any other benefits..
Within few days he was on top of all his colleagues with 20x more income and other benefits … How ???
just with his hard work and expertise……..actually he had used a simple trick of asking for more work… with his boss, every time he met with his boss just ask for some work for him…
and within few days he has completed lots of assignments given by his boss, and finally he offered him a big opportunity which has changed his whole life…,
You can do the same thing…but what will happened you will get stucked with work load… since you are not expert in working on important task within short time limit. 
so how you can do it..?? i.e. how you can become expert in your work
Your Education, plays most important roll in your expertise, most of the people start their professional carrier with general or field specific degrees and
once they get job their education is over for life time…
Experts don't think in this ways you must have seen few of the successful peoples having lots of expert degrees like doctors..the more you learn the more you earn…very simple.
Its not necessary to get big degrees and till than wait to can start with small one but make sure a habit of continuous development your first priority, a growth of 10-15% in yourself will give 100 or 200% benefits in coming days.
Read Regularly about your area…make a practice of regular reading about your area possibly in the start of your work day, get the points you find important and note them in a diary or spiral note book.. and try to incorporate these ideas in your day to day work activities this will make a progressive habit of development in your regular work and very soon you will find a growth in your work area and your knowledge about your field
Join seminars and attend classes,…If you come to know any of seminar or coaching is being conducted by your field expert than go grab your seat …because one single but important advise can save your years of hard work……and also can help you to get on the top.
Network with successful & Like Minded Peoples of your field :…this is again a habit that can be found very easily in expert peoples…they always share talk and spend time with only like minded peoples.., the more you spend the time with such group the more ideas and positiveness will start to flow in your mind.
Always be updated…..have you ever seen a person using typewriter in age of computers, not in most of the cases right ?? why because if you are having most useful thing then why to use old once and same thing also applies to the area of jobs /business, only best and updated peoples will be in demand.. make it a habit to get aware what is changing and how to become master in it….whether it is a new skill or new degree get yourself updated…(And don't tell you don't have time)
Rule: No Exceptions of time, sources or money allowed in success game…

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