How one hour extra can give you the promotion you want.

Coming Early and staying long can help you to get the promotion you want specially in country like India or anywhere in the world.

Staying Long can help you work uninterruptedly on the most important tasks, since no body will be there if you come earlier and stay after completion of regular work hours, because most of the peoples will left for the day.

After your regular work hours you can switch off your computer popup and phones, messengers etc. which will help you to work single mindedly  on your most important tasks.

In regular work day you may have lots of interruptions like phones, disturbing peoples, your boss…social media…etc..but when you come early in the morning and stay long in late evening nobody will be there to disturb you.

I have read a letter from a Mr. N.R. Narayan Murthy (Infosys Founder) to his colleagues that the people who stays long are not so much productive, hence everybody should leave on time.,  and its true if done only for any other reason like to show off or to get more over time incentives…but if it is done only to concentrate on your highly important tasks than you can have much more productivity than your regular work hours during this half an hour period before or after your regular work hours…and the main benefit you can concentrate without any disturbance.
So make sure your long stay must be with an intention of working on your highly important tasks only and not for any other purpose.

Coming first will also help you to get settled on your workday before anyone else come…since after peoples come they will use first hour on less important tasks like greeting every one talking to friends….etc.. but if you come first you will have lots of time to think and plan for your work day in advance and definitely a planned day is much better than…just flowing with the tasks you receive… and one more thing, very soon this will become your habit and you will not fill any burden in coming first…but benefits…are huge..that you will start getting very soon..
Going after half an hours to one hour after your regular work period, is another stimulator to your productivity …this half hour can give you additional time to work on the important task…and be assured even if you give only one  to one and half hour to your important tasks… you will be much more productive and faster promoted in your organization…. the more important tasks you will complete the more chances you will get paid more…

I have read one story of a person who has started his carrier from bottom of an organization and within few days he was on top of the organization and many of the executives were working under his guidance…. You might be thinking its not possible within few days but yes its true…and the person is Mr. Brian Tracy.

And you know how he did that ….a simple way…just asking for some more work from his boss whenever he met with him,….and completing it as soon as possible….than asking for some more.

But in our case we are already loaded with lots of tasks…none of us will say hey boss i am ready to take another work to do…please give me …is it ??

Not at all since we are not using most of our work time on quality task and hence loaded with lots of works which can be delegated or not even required to do..immediately…but we have to do that task…and you know why because…in day time…or in our regular work hours some of the unnecessary things are also becomes most important like call from your boss or chit chat messages…or phone calls. 

Hope you might be getting my points, why staying long can be a better task to get the promotion you want., 

Now its up to you how you manage…you can adjust this one hour some where…like in travel or in any other way….and hope you will get much more benefit of this one hour than your regular 8 hours a day..but make sure use it only for your most important “A” Grade tasks only…., and if not than please go to your home and spend it with your spouse and children's..

Will appreciate your comments on…this.., together we can have a much better vision to have simple office ideas..

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