How to Split Big PDF Files in Single Page PDF Files

big pdf to single page pdf
Yesterday I have to create 300 single pages from a PDF file i.e split 300 pages pdf into single pages… and there was 2 ways to do it ..
1. Scan every single Paper to create each File individually….time required more than 2-3 hours…
2. Create one PDF file than split it one by one for every page and save 300 pages……….still frustrating…
But Simple Office have some good Ideas to create what i Have did just read it below.

Open your PDFill PDF Editor. simple editor to edit a pdf file (If not downloaded Download From here PDFill Editor
pd fill pdf split image

Click on Split or Reorder Pages.  image

Select your desired big PDF File and you will get a window like below. Click Split Pages from and Enter from 1 to ….xxx (No.of page till  you would like to split the PDF in single pages)

pd fill pdf split image2
I have 4 pages in selected document , so i will enter 1 to 4
Now Click Extract Pages As separate Files
pd fill pdf split image

That's All…Yippee…done……. don't forgot to share if you like this tip of how to separate single page from pdf… from Simple Office Ideas

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