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I have prepared one application for our bank to get one of the documents to be submitted to our Clearing agent for clearance of an Import consignment.

The very first thing I did, is prepared the set and hand over it to our Senior for signing on it…he has signed the same without having proper look and one of the other collogue has submitted the same to our bank…

Bank persons have prepared the letter as required by us and immediately we have sent it through courier to our clearance person….

Finally after receipt of the document at our clearing agent, we have been informed…that there is some problem in letter given by the bank… :-(

We have checked and found that the application submitted by us having some typo error and accordingly the letter have been provided by bank…

Clearance agent was not able to clear the consignment on behalf of this letter issued by bank.

Now we have to get the corrected letter again., we have prepared another application and requested bank to issue the corrected letter…after doing some request bank has issued the same…and it has been again sent to clearing agent…it has made a delay of some day in clearance of consignment and we afraid it may cause demurrage charges on our consignment,…however thankfully we have not been charged… :-)

But the incidence has given me some of the key points to remember while preparing the documents.

Which kind of mistakes normally we make.

Text:- Grammatical error/typo error : this is the most common mistake and can be found in any of the documents whether legal or general communication.

Data Error:- Data is main point to give the details you want…but silly mistakes can make your data invalid..

Non Submission of desired details:- sometimes it can be possible to left the desired documents while preparation of sets or while doing the photocopies.

Formatting Errors:- This shows that documents are not prepared with good concentration…grammatical error/improper formatting..not using bullets/nos and paragraphs, shows a lake of concentration while preparing documents, this also includes not doing the proper photocopies etc…even the importance of first look of the documents is well known and can gives you the marks you want..

Validity of submitted Documents:- Sometimes we just insert the signed copies and forgot to check the validity clause for license certificates etc…,.

Submission without proper cross check :- sometimes in hurry peoples just types documents prepare sets and submit them without checking or cross check..

and how we can to avoid such mistakes.

While Preparation :- If you prepare your draft properly you can easily avoid mistakes., create a first draft than check it get it approved with a person other than you and then modify for changes only after that you can proceed for finalization of these documents (However, before finalization we are going to check our sets more than three time) (While Preparation it was your First Check)

Copy pasting the information:- In-spite of typing if you use the copy paste feature of M.S Word than the chances will be less of typo error, wherever it is not possible than double check/read whatever you have typed.

Grammar check:- Make sure your documents are typo and grammar error free, get the help of F7 (Spell check) wherever required, sometimes you can also check dictionaries available online to make sure what you are Reading is only written in your documents.

Data Check:- Check the data you have written in your data set with original and authenticated documents to have a proof that whatever you have mentioned is true and exact.

Complete reading of the document. : (Second Check) As told this is the best option to get error free documents, read documents/email/statements before submission or hitting the send button.., by doing this you can easily avoid typing errors/grammatical mistakes, wrong documents etc. so it’s necessary to read the documents before submission.

Keep the record of last submission. It’s good habit to keep a copy whatever your are submitting for your records so that you can also take reference for future submissions, also keep the further communications in same set to get informed about further amendment or changes in your first submission to avoid any mistakes.

Don’t believe that anyone else would check it properly and inform you, however must be cross checked by someone else. 
Most of the times, we prepare and check documents at our own, but it’s a general thing that we cannot trace out our own mistakes.., so have a checker who can thoroughly check and advise you accordingly. 
Further this will also divide risk from your side which could lead some of the bed results for your job. Since when the problem arise everyone will be on another side of river except you.

Cross Checking with Signature Option. information’s like data we are providing must be cross checked with the help of anyone else or should be taken from valid source like any software or computer generated sources, however its good practice to check it before submission to govt. authorities., having signature of cross checkers are key to validity of proper check..

Page Numbering……putting page nos and indexing for being submitted documents is good way to avoid documents loss during set preparation or photocopy and also necessary to have documents on correct position.

This could be easily done after your set preparation through Word’s Page Numbering option, just create a word documents with no. of pages in your set, i.e. if you are having 50 documents in your set create a word document with 50 pages than insert page nos inside the header , it will look like below.
Page Numbering

After doing this insert your set in Printer and give the Print…it will automatically print page nos in all your set. However make sure your pages are in good condition and having proper space on each page where you want to print the page nos.

You can also do it manually, however it can take some more time…but depends on you whether you can use word feature or not.

Avoid Disturbance…..Whenever you are making the documents, try not to have any disturbance, you can do it when you have less disturbance, however it is difficult to get it but you can do it while others have not came or already left for the day , during lunch time etc…these are the times you can have your full attention towards preparation of important documents. Also Avoid Phone Calls/Popup messages during the preparation of important documents. (Coming Early and Staying Long)

Doing one task at a time. Again this is about concentration, if you do it with concentration on the matter , you can easily avoid mistakes…..

Taking proper time to finalize not so hurry not so delay. :- Sometimes we want to finish the task so early and in very much hurry , sometimes we start so let…and make the task delayed… both the situations are not good in case of documentation. Start as soon as possible and prepare small section of your task with proper concentration…since with following this you have your final documents checked 3 times by your own self and one time by your another colleagues…so definitely it will reduce the risk of mistakes.

Final Checking.. … Now you have prepared the draft, corrected it than rechecked it, now prepare your final set, photocopies, seal/signature…now stop, it’s the time for Final Checking before submission. Since after this stage you will not be able to make any changes.

Reading Complete Set:- Finally seat back and have a complete reading of your complete set each and every Para, it may take some time…but doing it will make you sure there are no typo or grammatical errors available in the documents.

Reconfirm the Digits you mentioned :- Cross check the amounts and numeric data you entered

Checking Original Documents for Seal/Signature on pages

Checking If the Photocopies are done well and all pages are available for your records. Go through the Serial nos you have mentioned on your main set..this will help you to easily track all the documents are available in other sets and photocopies are done well.

Here is a Quick View Chart
Perfect Document Creation

Finally…go and get the documents…submitted !!!!! and dont forgot to share this…

Note: Don’t recycle working sheets……these are the proof what others have made changes, so keeping the working sheets is not only important but some time becomes job saving.

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