Professionally using free images in your blog post

Images are most important part of your blog, it gives not only a professional look to your post but also makes your post interactive and easy to understand..

So how you can choose great pictures for your blog and edit them as per requirement of your blog post.

Where to get images….for your blog

There are plenty of sites to get Free & paid images however, you can easily get free stock photos on following websites

This one is my favorite having free as well as premium stock photos to be used on websites advertising materials and print media with a huge range of pictures in category of People and Business Images.

Another Great source for people, Landscape food and drink images, however signup is required and as per their terms you are free to use image both for personal/commercial use. Another site for free to use images for blogs

This site will not ask you to signup , great design and easy to found images navigation, helps you with its own unique Photoshop tutorials in its blog , you can also find textures and and videos for your blog/websites through their another website

So I think above three are great sources of getting stock images for any of your blog or website, (I am not going to publish a big list because, our subject is how to get and edit our images for a professional look of our blog post.

Creating your own images

Before going to the next point I would also like to tell you that you could also create and publish your own images and what is required for this…nothing special just small creativity

You can just use your computers Print Screen Button and capture whatever you want or can easily create great example images for your blog.

How to edit them… using Microsoft Picture Manager (F.R.E.E. Tool from Microsoft)

It’s a best program to resize and crop your images just open your image with Microsoft Office Picture Manager and use Edit Pictures, you will get below toolbar to change size/crop the picture or edit color and brightness of the image., you can easily resize and compress your pictures using Picture Manager, so it’s a must to be used tool..

Add text to your images to give them more specific look……when you add text to your images they will become live…a perfect combination of visual with text can give you lots of page views.

So what is the way to do it easily… this point most of the blogger will give you a link to buy any software however you can easily do it with M.S. Word.

Just Insert your images in blank word document Select it and align it to behind text…using picture tool.

That’s all after doing this you can write whatever you want on your images. Just like I did in below image.

Now to give the images professional look just follow …

Choose Images as per the requirement of Paragraph or your blog post…this one thing..will give great direction to your article…similar images make your blog interesting and easy to understand…hence use the Image as per requirement of your Article

Proper size :- Chose a proper size for all your images. That will not only make you align them but will also give a professional look to your blog post. (Below Screen Shot is from My Windows Live Writer Editor)

Use Alter net Text to name your Images : Once I have taken an image from Google for a blog post…and I was surprised It has given me a big rank in search engine traffic…why the image was having a great keyword in the name so…naming your images can give you a blast of traffic from search engines..and also look good when some one hover over the image.

So these are some of the ideas you can include in your blog post and can have a good and professional look of your blog post… rest in the next post…till than take care.. and your comments are most welcome…

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