How to Improve Your English Speaking and Fluency and Become Successful Professional

Tips to improve your Spoken English and speaking fluency

If you can’t speak in English you will always be in a last row of your office and if you don’t try to speak you may always be in last row in your life…so learning the things that can change our life, your earnings are most important…every successful person will tell you to first invest in yourself, because only you can return it in triplicate or quadruplicate to yourself.

Speaking in English is Great Confidence Builder and If you can speak with fluency than Its Great Skill for your Professional Life as well as Personal Life..

Speaking in English will give you great Self Confidence in presence of others, so add it to your to learn list immediately and make a promise to yourself which you are not going to break in few days…,

I think creating a List of your goals and reviewing it at least once a day will definitely give you motivation to do something about your goals everyday and soon you will be having big bunches of results.…Just Take a Spiral Note Book write your Goals and below that write 10 benefits of that goal which you will get after completion of the goal.

Ask yourself why you want to learn this…& if benefits are really good than you will definitely get motivated whenever you read your List of to Learn.

Spoken English can be fun if you want to try to do it…and doing it in a way of Zen habits can be really fun….and what is the way is to start speaking at least few lines a day in presence of your friend…or any relative who can understand what you are trying to say and can correct you if there is any problem.

Ok now let’s see how we can improve English speaking & its fluency and speak correctly without hesitating.

Reading More…If you do not belongs to English Medium kids than you have to read and understand first before you can speak in English…if you are interested in reading English books or papers this will be an additional benefit for you the more you will be interested the more it will be easier for you to learn the spoken English.

Join the Spoken English Class, another way to learn is to do it from a teacher’s guidance, when you will found a fluent in spoken English teacher, and a group of willing persons…it will be easier for your to start spoken, make sure you don’t left the class within few days of joining …..again will power is the only thing which makes difference in-between loser and winners.

Watching English Movies in English can dramatically increase the results of your English speaking fluency …most of the persons from our generation likes watching Hollywood movies, and fun thing they watch it in Hindi dubbed… but if you watch it in English than it will be more helpful for you in learning spoken English.

Start Speaking…you can read English, you can write in English but can’t spoke in English, the hesitation and lack of self confidence will never let you speak in English…hence start speaking don’t care about right or wrong…just start doing it and within few days you will build your self-confidence and soon…you will feel ease in speaking in English.

Practice every day: Practice is key to success, Start few words a day and add something more everyday soon you will be able to speak fluently even in front of much more superior persons than you, it’s a Zen habit to start very slowly and work regularly on that and soon it will be a part of your daily habits and if it comes once to your habits soon you will speak in English like your mother tongue.
Shake your shyness: this is the biggest obstacle in doing anything creative, so use Zen Habits slow and continuous efforts and soon you will be able to build more confidence than anyone else. 

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