Best of Simple Office Ideas 2015

Simple Office Ideas - 2015 - Ideas to make your work life easier.

Finally the year has completed and has given me lots of things to learn for the coming year

This Year I have come to know some of the best formulas to make my office life much easier including some of the them are also helpful for personal & social development.
This blog was founded by me in year 2013 and still growing...we just have to plant the seed for success and after that our regular care makes them big trees...with lots of sweet fruits...

Here is the review of Year 2015

The first Article I would like to add here is "Have You not read these Most Amazing Life Transforming Self Help books in world"

This is one of my favorite articles from last year I have created since it is not only a ready reference for best of the books but also have given me so much things to learn...books are best friend and can save our years of hard work..

A Habit of reading few pages of any great book is the best habit anyone can adopt for professional as well as personal success in life and when I started reading such books I thought creating a list of that will be great for readers of this blog also...Hope you must have gone through the List of Most Amazing Life Transforming Self Help books if not just click and read... and not just read but try to get their advise in to your life.

"Start Slowly and update yourself regularly and soon you will become the person you want to see in yourself."

You must have to read regularly about Health, Wealth and life because these are the three most essential parts of human life.

Skills You Need to Become Successful in Every Part of Life.

You Just Have to increase the skills and proficiency to become successful in your Personal & Professional Life and Spoken English is one of that skill you must have to learn and hence I have started to search and Learn "How to Improve our English Speaking and Fluency and Become Successful Professional"

I written this because if we can’t speak in English we will always be in a last row of office and if we don’t try to speak will always be in last row in our life…so learning the things that can change our life, our earnings are most important…

"Every successful person will tell you first to invest in our self, because only we can return it in triplicate or quadruplicate to our self."

Day to Day work Simple Office Ideas & Tips for 2015

Whatever Job we do our day to day working style makes us successful or a UN-successful

If you are doing Data Processing or Documentation Job than doing this mistake can fire you from job..

Mistakes are Part of our Life but No mistakes are for repeating.. but if you are working for legal documentation part, you should avoid such typographical errors, since small errors on such documents can create big troubles to you and may also cause ..lost of job also.

I have tried to given few of the tips which i am using on my day to day office works...and could also be helpful to you also.

Basic concept to Have a Successful Carrier

The Post "Are you the Cricketer washing clothes from your Bat" I have written was First for Year 2015 and still inspiring to me also, because if we are not working for a right person & right job , we will never be happy with our working..and life will become frustration only

So choose your carrier wisely, which you can love and than it will not be a job it will be a fun for you...which you can enjoy everyday...

Computer Skills Can Save Our Days of Hard work If we can use it Smartly

How to create Multiple Mailing Labels Per Page in Word Without Using the Mail Merge Wizard.

This Post is going to be really useful if you ever have to sent letters or documents in bulk...if you know how to use computer properly it can definitely save your hours of reading about Short cuts to ease your day to day job is good practice...

About My Blogging Experience.

I have started this blog in 2013 on blog-spot platform...since this is very easy way to share my views and ideas with others, However I will transfer it to my own domain very that the things can be shared with majority.

If you are also having a blog below tips can really help you to grow your blog and audience, I have not written so much on my blogging experience this year, but will definitely try to share some more in coming year.

How to Promote your Blog in India.

This post was shared with my Indian beginner friends, how you can create and promote a blog in India..... However I can say If you are not starting a blog correctly It will really be difficult to grow it..., but there are still great chances if you are really serious about your blogging,, there is a will there is a way.

Professionally using free images in your blog post

Images are most important part of your blog, it gives not only a professional look to your post but also makes your post interactive and easy to understand..

So this post tells you how you can choose great pictures for your blog and edit them as per requirement of your blog post.

For Pharmaceutical Employees (India) Useful Tips/Formats

Budget 2015 Pharmaceutical Changes

FDA MP Online Inclusion of Products in your Drug Manufacturing Licenses , a complete process to do it online.

How to Create a Dossier for ASEAN Countries.A Simple road map to enter in the export market.

You Can Also Read Best of Year 2014 and if You want a Complete List of All the Articles Can Just found them on Archive page

Till than Take care of your self and have a Successful Year 2016 Happy New Year & Marry X'Mas.

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